commissariat and transport departmentの例文


  1. Officers of the Control Department, Commissariat and Transport Department, and Commissariat and Transport Staff held different ranks from the rest of the Army.
  2. In November 1875, the Control Department was divided into the "'Commissariat and Transport Department "'and the Ordnance Store Department ( which developed into the Royal Army Ordnance Corps ).
  3. In January 1880, the Commissariat and Transport Department was renamed the "'Commissariat and Transport Staff "'and the Army Service Corps was renamed the "'Commissariat and Transport Corps " '.
  4. Upon hearing this news, Chard, Bromhead, and another of the station's officers, Acting Assistant Commissary James Dalton ( of the Commissariat and Transport Department ), held a quick meeting to decide the best course of action  whether to attempt a retreat to Helpmekaar or to defend their current position.


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