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  1. It is a specialist maritime archaeology and shipwreck conservation museum, housed in 1850s-era Commissariat building.
  2. Of these works, only the Commissariat building, the Pensioner's Cottage, West Guildford, and his own house, immediately to the south of the Commissariat Store, remain.
  3. The Commissariat building built by McKay in 1827 during the construction of the Rideau Canal now serves as home to the Bytown Museum and is the oldest surviving stone building in the city of Ottawa.
  4. Housed in the Commissariat Building, Ottawa's oldest stone building, the museum provides a comprehensive overview of the origins of Bytown and its development and growth into the present city of Ottawa.
  5. Currently, the National Historic Site is 4.5 hectares and includes the Fort itself, the Brick Commissariat building constructed in 1831, the King s Navy Yard Park, and a stone lighthouse built in 1836.


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