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  1. Another trend is that researchers factor in political systems more intensively to explain and compare media systems.
  2. Hallin and Mancini published the edited volume " Comparing Media Systems Beyond the Western World " ( 2012 ) which gives a comprehensive overview with a more global perspective.
  3. A third major stimulus to the field of study was set into place in 2004 with the publication of  Comparing media systems ( see Comparing Media Systems : Three Models of Media and Politics.
  4. Yuezhi Zhao, another contributor to " Comparing Media Systems Beyond the Western World ", proposed a different measure to adapt political parallelism to non-Western media systems, in this case to China.
  5. In Hallin & Mancini's " Comparing media systems beyond the western world " ( 2012 ), which gives an overview of criticism about their media markets become more international, but have to adapt to local situations.


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