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  1. First, research into illusory superiority is distinct in terms of the comparison target because an individual compares themselves with a hypothetical average peer rather than a tangible person.
  2. The study explains that " celebrities may represent prominent and unique social comparison targets, whose physical attractiveness and condition provide information about socially-idealised standards of beauty ."
  3. To test this theory, Perloff and Fetzer asked participants to compare themselves to specific comparison targets like a close friend, and found that illusory superiority decreased when they were told to envision a specific person rather than vague constructs like " the average peer ".
  4. However these results are not completely reliable and could be affected by the fact that individuals like their close friends more than an " average peer " and may as a result rate their friend as being higher than average, therefore the friend would not be an objective comparison target.
  5. Further research into the differences between comparison targets involved four conditions where participants were at varying proximity to an interview with the comparison target : watching live in the same room; watching on tape; reading a written transcript; or making self-other comparisons with an average peer.


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