compass kumpasの例文


  1. The band helped to produce and collaborate in the " Dalek I Love You ( Destiny ) " single and the debut album " Compass Kumpas ".
  2. The band's first two albums were reissued in the UK on compact disc, " Compass Kumpas " in 1989 by Fontana Records ( with four bonus tracks ), and " Dalek I Love You " in 2007 by Korova ( in a remastered and expanded edition ).
  3. The first was a founding member of that band, remaining alongside lead vocalist and guitarist Alan Gill to record their first three singles and the debut album " Compass Kumpas ", although at the time of the releaseof the latter disc, he wasn't in Dalek I Love You, working with Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark; Keith Hartley was lead singer and guitarist of Radio Blank, formed by him alongside Alan Gill and David Balfe.


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