compass makerの例文


  1. At 15, he was a compass maker in Bexleyheath, Kent.
  2. The foundations of the company were laid on November 24, 1755, when flag, sail and compass maker Iver Jensen Borger set up his own maritime supplier business in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  3. Coburn, an American, was cast in the role of Royal Australian Air Force ( RAAF ) Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick who was an amalgamation of Flt Lt Albert Hake, an Australian serving in the RAF and the camps compass maker, and Johnny Travis, the real manufacturer.
  4. Named by United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee ( UK-APC ) after John Seller ( about 1630-1698 ), English hydrographer and compass maker who published the first sailing directions for England, 1671; his the variation of the compass, with rules for its determination.


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