contour followingの例文


  1. These three quick contour following algorithms are used for applications that require different kinds of contours
  2. Three quick approaches for contour following based on connected component labeling were proposed
  3. Simulation results show that the quick contour following algorithms can reduce the execution time of the standard contour following algorithm nearly 40 %
  4. To fulfill the application requirement of character recognition in image , an improved algorithm for contour following algorithm was proposed and a contour list based on chain code was presented
  5. The principle of this approach is : during the second alphabetically pixel scanning of the labeling algorithm , the first pixel of each connected components is found , and a start - point table used for contour following is set up based on certain principles , thus the operation of search start points of the contour in the image is avoided , the execution of the standard contour following algorithm is accelerated


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