1. It conventionalizes what might be seen as the extreme,
  2. The movie conventionalizes the rapper's life to draw a larger audience.
  3. One of her last paintings  Winter im Gries ( 1958 ) did not show perspective at all and conventionalizes the buildings to abstract spreads.
  4. This does not mean that naturalism and idealism cannot coexist because they do especially in royal portraiture that conventionalizes and idealizes some of the king's chosen features.
  5. Let us count the ways : 1 ) Laney is already by far the most interesting person at the school, despite her geeky klutziness; 2 ) With her glasses and free-flowing long hair, she's prettier before her " makeover, " which turns her into a babe but conventionalizes her; 3 ) She hardly seems the type to get caught in the prom-queen thing, even reluctantly; 4 ) Zack is revealed from the outset as such a decent guy, it's hard to believe that he'd make such a sexist bet.


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