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  1. There wasn't a conventiongoer in sight.
  2. Roman said that one conventiongoer phoned the Secret Service to ask if it was permissible to bring a banana into the arena ( no problem ).
  3. In normal times, the convention bureau estimates that the typical conventiongoer spends about $ 300 a day on things like taxis, parking fees, hotels, restaurants, museums and shopping sprees along the Magnificent Mile.
  4. At the Kennedy birthplace, a conventiongoer had the humble house to himself while wandering the rooms and hearing the taped voice of the matriarch, Rose Kennedy, recall early happiness ( " although we did not know about the days ahead " ).
  5. "Still, we should have started this a long time ago, " said Nicholas Sabatine, a conventiongoer from Pennsylvania who cruised the corridors of the convention hall and downtown hotels trying to drum up support for a new " Patriot Party ."


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