1. Blanco elected not to follow Carranza and Obreg髇 and instead aligned himself with the Conventionists and Eulalio Guti閞rez.
  2. Following the Glorious Revolution and the overthrow of James II, the Duke held Edinburgh Castle against the Protestant Conventionists.
  3. These " Third Conventionists " ( as they were known ) conducted missionary activity in some small mountain villages in central Mexico.
  4. He went there to complete the reconciliation of and return to the church a group of apostates in Mexico known as the " Third Conventionists ".
  5. When Carranza refused, the Convention participants split into two factions : the Constitutionalists headed by Carranza and Obreg髇, and the Conventionists, nominally headed by Eulalio Guti閞rez, but actually under the control of Villa and Zapata.


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