copper paintの例文


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  1. His oxidation paintings ( canvases prepared with copper paint that was then oxidized with urine ) are also noteworthy in this context.
  2. For the final step before beginning work on the overpainting, Knott adds the underpainting, using a coat of ground copper paint and then a layer of gold paint.
  3. Anderson sprayed natural twisted paper ribbon with gold and copper paint and twined it around the pineapples, finishing the arrangement with branches of tiny orchids coming out of the top.
  4. From 1960 Stella began to produce paintings in aluminium and copper paint which, in their presentation of regular lines of color separated by pinstripes, are similar to his black paintings.
  5. The cut trace can be repaired by filling in the hole with conductive ink from a silver microtip conductive pen or possibly with copper paint from a rear-window defroster repair kit from an automobile supply store.


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