1. In a second dispatch written four hours later he informed Napoleon that he now intended to advance either on Corbais or Wavre.
  2. Four hours afterwards ( that is, at 02 : 00 on the morning of 18 June ) Grouchy sent off another despatch to Napoleon, reporting that he had decided on marching upon either Corbais or Wavre.
  3. At about 09 : 30, Prince Bl點her's aide-de-camp, Major Weyrach, arrived at B黮ow's headquarters, and brought the orders for the retreat of the IV Corps to Dion-le-Mont, near Wavre, by Walhain and and while the III Corps would march via Walhain and through Corbais . } } The orders also required that B黮ow should post the main body of his rearguard ( which consisted of the 14th Brigade ) at Vieux-Sart; as also that he should send a detachment, consisting of one regiment of cavalry, two battalions of infantry, and two guns of horse artillery, to the defile of Mont-Saint-Guibert, to act, in the first instance as a support to Lieutenant Colonel Sohr, who was at Tilly, and then, upon the latter falling back, to act as rearguard.


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