corporation boroughの例文


  1. ;Corporation boroughs : These 27 boroughs restricted the right to vote to members of the Bath, they were mostly small towns.
  2. Until the Great Reform Act of 1832 Scarborough was a corporation borough, the right of election resting solely with the 44-member corporation or " common council ".
  3. Burgesses were the sole parliamentary electors in corporation boroughs, and in freeman boroughs they were also crucial since they had the power to grant or refuse those with city status.
  4. Brackley was a corporation borough, the right to vote having been restricted to the Mayor, 6 James II . The Mayor was appointed by the Lord of the Manor, and the major local landowners or " patrons " had total control over the election of MPs.
  5. Most corporation boroughs quickly became pocket boroughs in this way, the nomination of their MPs being entirely under the influence of a " patron " who may have given some large benefaction to the area or simply used bribery to ensure only supporters or Pitt the Elder wrote to the corporation in 1761, on the occasion of his re-election as Bath's MP, to pay tribute to " " a city ranked among the most ancient and most considerable in the kingdom, and justly famed for its integrity, independence, and zeal for the public good " ".


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