cough lozengeの例文


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  1. Products on sale at its outlets include clothing, beauty products, shoe polishes, furniture oils and cough lozenges.
  2. Pholcodine is found in certain cough lozenges.
  3. Learn more about the herb-laced cough lozenge Ricola at this site, which includes a look at the company's herb gardens, history and products.
  4. For example, Tide trumpets that it contains the scent of " EverFresh " bath soap, an ingredient it developed; Life Savers cough lozenges contain its own " ClearCold " cough liquid.
  5. Now a police crackdown threatens to close the stores, which sell products manufactured from European Union-subsidized industrial hemp, including clothing, beauty products, shoe polishes, furniture oils, cough lozenges and building insulation.


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