1. The Privy Counsellorship of another Labour MP, Elliot Morley, was revoked on 14 June 2011.
  2. In 1656 he bought a counsellorship at the parlement of Metz, and in 1658 was appointed intendant of Alsace and president of the newly created sovereign council of Alsace.
  3. Others, including Palley, Wood and Facchini, contend that Beadle was determined to avert UDI and afterwards sincere in his search for an accommodation until he came to believe this was not possible . " Beadle accepted the rebellion when he realised that he was identifying himself with'the code of an Empire that had ceased to exist', " Facchini concludes . " Thus, he retained his Privy Counsellorship as a vestige of the Rhodesia he had known all his life ."


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