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  1. The Ministry of Jesus  Teachings, Sermon on the Mount, and Counsels of perfection.
  2. :: : : : I agree that a counsel of perfection involves sourcing all material.
  3. It is a counsel of perfection and cannot be adopted and adhered to by our imperfect humanity.
  4. During the 12th and 13th centuries mendicant orders emerged, such as the Franciscans and profession of these so-called Evangelical counsels ( or counsels of perfection ), confirmed by vow or other sacred bond, are now a requirement according to modern Church Law.
  5. The garden at Home Place was admired by Gertrude Jekyll and Sir Lawrence Weaver, who described and illustrated it in their book " Gardens for Small Country Houses "; " The stepped scheme at Home Place, Holt, designed by Professor E . S . Prior will be a counsel of perfection to most people ".


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