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  1. Her principal opponent, Catharina Rickers, was both the wife of the Count of Wartenberg and the king's mistress.
  2. As a compensation for the loss of their estates, the Counts of Wartenberg received in 1802 the Rot an der Rot Abbey in Upper Swabia.
  3. In February 1631 " John Frederick " conferred with Franz Wilhelm, Count of Wartenberg, ( ruled 1630-1632 ) and causing the flight of the Catholic clergy wherever they arrived.
  4. "' Counts of Wartenberg "'( ) were a German comital family ( " Grafen " ) which held large territories in Rhenish Hesse, Electoral Palatinate and Upper Swabia.
  5. Osnabr點k was a bidenominational Lutheran and Catholic city, with two Lutheran and two Catholic churches for its mostly Lutheran Franz Wilhelm, Count of Wartenberg then imposed the Counter-Reformation onto the city with many Lutheran burgher families being exiled.


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