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  1. It is thought to have been founded in the 13th century by the Counts of Werdenberg.
  2. In 1337, after the death of the last Baron of Vaz, the Rheinwald came was given as a dowry to the counts of Werdenberg-Sargans.
  3. Even before 1440, the lordships of L鰓enberg, Thusis, Tschappina and Heinzenberg joined the League, despite the count of Werdenberg-Sargans having forbidden them from doing so.
  4. Caspar of Sax-Misox ( 1362 90 ) married Elizabeth of Rh鋤黱s and after her grandfather died in 1380, inherited the land of the Barons of Belmont including Flims with the Belmont Castle, Fidaz, Gruob, Ilanz, Count of Werdenberg.
  5. In 1473 the Count of Werdenberg allowed the municipalities and transport cooperatives of Thusis, Masein and Cazis to rebuild the passage, then in desolate condition : " die richstrass und den waeg entzw黶chend Tusis und Schams, so man nempt "'Fyamala "'zuo howen, uffzuorichten und ze machen ".


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