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  1. Such measurements are typically counts per unit time received by the detector, such as counts per minute or counts per second.
  2. "' Counts per minute ( abbreviated to cpm ) "'is a measure of the detection rate of ionization events per minute.
  3. The concentration instantly steps up to its constant value when the time reaches 30 minutes, and there is a 100 count per minute ( cpm ) constant background.
  4. Once the isotope is identified, the counts must be converted to DPM . This calculation requires knowing the conversion efficiency of the NaI ( tl ) from CPM ( counts per minute ) to DPM.
  5. Since the mass of the sample is known, this can be converted to a standard measure of activity in units of either counts per minute per gram of carbon ( cpm / g C ), or becquerels per kg ( Bq / kg C, in SI units ).


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