countship of hollandの例文


  1. William the Silent had been promised the countship of Holland and Zeeland before his death.
  2. This led the Schieringers to openly start negotiations with John of Bavaria, who had defeated the Hoeks and had finally taken the countship of Holland, Zeeland and Hainaut in the previous year.
  3. The United Provinces became more republican and entrenched as time went on, William the Silent had been offered the countship of Holland and Zealand, and only his assassination prevented his accession to those offices.
  4. After the demise of the Dutch Republic under Napoleon, that country became known as the Kingdom of Holland ( 1806 1810 ), and the former countship of Holland was split up and became two of its eleven provinces, later known as North Holland and South Holland, because one Holland province by itself was considered too dominant in area, population and wealth compared to the other provinces.


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