county at the centerの例文


  1. The bottom line : Gore had picked up an additional three dozen votes in this heavily Democratic county at the center of the election controversy.
  2. But Democratic Rep . Alcee Hasting, whose district includes the south Florida counties at the center of the voting controversy, said his advice to Gore has been to " vigorously pursue " the legal challenge.
  3. The Florida high court's opinion gives the Gore campaign five days to overtake Bush's slender lead, officially 930 votes, with recounts in various stages of completion in the three Democratic-leaning counties at the center of the dispute.
  4. Now, lawsuits in state and federal courts contesting last November's elections have placed Val Verde County at the center of another battle, and though the weapons are now ballots rather than bullets, the issue remains the same : civil rights.
  5. In a small side room, the museum displays a few of the stone carvings of Buddhist figures that have been unearthed in Shandong province over the last quarter century, part of an extraordinary find known as the Qingzhou sculptures, after a county at the center of the excavations.


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