coupled transportの例文


  1. Two classical examples of coupled transports are the Soret effect ( also known as thermodiffusion ) and Dufour effect.
  2. In the digestive tract, it is located on the apical membrane of enterocytes, where it carries out H + coupled transport of divalent metal cations from the intestinal lumen into the cell.
  3. One class of models, closely related to the concept of turbulent viscosity, are the k-epsilon turbulence models, based upon coupled transport equations for the turbulent energy density k ( similar to the turbulent pressure, i . e . the trace of the Reynolds stress ) and the turbulent dissipation rate \ epsilon.
  4. The ApcT structure reveals an inward facing, apo state and an amine moiety of Lys158 located in a position equivalent to the Na2 ion of LeuT . They proposed that Lys158 is central to proton-coupled transport and that the amine group serves the same functional role as the Na2 ion in LeuT, thus demonstrating common principles among proton-and sodium-coupled transporters.


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