coupled with the fact thatの例文


  1. No , i just meant you're wearing the same clothes as you did yesterday , coupled with the fact that i ain't stupid .
    いいや お前の服が 昨日と同じだ アホでも分かる
  2. Coupled with the fact that some of the successive shogun members of the ashikaga shogun family became the chief of the minamoto clan as well as junna shogaku ryoin betto (senior bureaucrat for junna shogaku ryoin school appointed from outside ), he reinforced the family characteristics as the direct descendant of the minamoto clan .
  3. On the other hand , izumi and the others , who had initially been authorized to build and use jinrikisha , had difficulty collecting the usage fees from all the drastically-increasing rickshaw men , which , coupled with the fact that the original patent system ( ' summary rules of monopoly ' ) was inadequate and hard to use , meant they were unable to make any profit .
  4. Among these conspirators , minamoto no mitsumoto was the nephew of minamoto no mitsuyasu , who was a retainer of bifukumonin , and this , coupled with the fact that the kebiishi no betto (superintendent of the imperial police ), whose duty was to preserve the peace in kyoto , was fujiwara no korekata , also a nijo faction member , indicates that the nijo faction had at least tacitly agreed to and supported the coup .
  5. Coupled with the fact that ' hakuto ' --which operated through the chizu express chizu line instead of trains used for connection to the direction of tottori station from kyoto , osaka and kobe--was a fast train , the jnr/jr limited express (diesel car ) series kiha 181 , which had become available due to the discontinuation of ' asashio ,' started being used as an additional round-trip service of ' hakuto .'


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