1. When it comes to the couplement of yoni, I think the real handicap is a cultural one.
  2. My St . Martin's Roget's Thesaurus obligingly offers up 15 synonyms for coition _ though some are dubious, like " couplement " _ and an impressive 28 descriptors for genitalia, though again some of these are obscure.
  3. Shakespeare derides the " vain " sonneteer who searches for images even from the heavens to " ornament " his comparison and who will " rehearse " or'describe at length'his " fair " by comparison with every other " fair " to make a " couplement ", either a coupling in a comparison or a couplet or stanza.
  4. Real happiness is, instead, dependent on the metaphysical and authentic human being found in this highest capacity of Reason .  For man, and especially the Proficient, is not the Couplement of Soul and body : the proof is that man can be disengaged from the body and disdain its nominal goods .  ( Enneads I . 4.14 ) The human who has achieved happiness will not be bothered by sickness, discomfort, etc ., as his focus is on the greatest things.


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