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  1. The horizontal center line of the coupler shank, or shaft, and of the draw gear are lower than that of the coupler head.
  2. This arrangement is designed for use with low-floor freight cars, to lift the coupler head high enough to match the couplers on other rolling stock.
  3. While they closely resemble miniature Janney couplers, they are somewhat different mechanically, with the knuckle pivoting from the center of the coupler head, rather than from the side.
  4. With "'gooseneck couplers "'or "'offset shank couplers "', the horizontal centerline of the coupler head is above the horizontal centerline of the coupler shank, or shaft, and the draw gear.
  5. A steel pin, designed to resemble an air brake hose, allows the couplers to be released magnetically; the design of the coupler head prevents this from happening unless the train is stopped or reversed with a mated pair of couplers directly over an uncoupling magnet.


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