coupling arrangementの例文


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  1. The US Navy secured a licence to copy the main shaft flexible coupling arrangement in US-built submarines.
  2. It would nonetheless be inaccurate to state that the average American lives in a childless couple arrangement as 71.3 % do not.
  3. The gauge sender is usually a magnetically coupled arrangement, with a float arm inside the tank rotating a magnet, which rotates an external gauge.
  4. The 2-10-4 Texas type wheel arrangement had not been tried before on the SAR . To distribute the axle loads to within the maximum allowed for branchlines, the ten-coupled arrangement with a four-wheeled trailing bogie was required.
  5. The coupling of the phase inverter and power tubes is also important, since certain types of coupling arrangements ( e . g . transformer coupling ) can drive power tubes to class AB2, while some other types can't.


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