cousin primesの例文


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  1. The only prime belonging to two pairs of cousin primes is 7.
  2. Twin primes have the same conjectured density as cousin primes, and half that of sexy primes.
  3. It follows from the first Hardy Littlewood conjecture that cousin primes have the same asymptotic density as twin primes.
  4. B . K . Nehru, an Indian diplomat who nearly succeeded Dag Hammarskjold as U . N . secretary general and quarreled with his cousin Prime Minister Indira Gandhi over Kashmir, died on Oct . 31 in Kasauli in northern India.
  5. An analogue of Brun's constant for twin primes can be defined for cousin primes, called "'Brun's constant for cousin primes "', with the initial term ( 3, 7 ) omitted, bu the convergent sum:


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