cousin thrice removedの例文


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  1. The heir presumptive is the present holder's first cousin thrice removed, Lt .-Cdr.
  2. He married Constance of Hungary, who was Ottokar's fourth cousin thrice removed, later in the same year.
  3. Willis Bradley Haviland is also believed to be a 3rd Cousin Thrice Removed of David Haviland and his siblings, manufacturers of Haviland porcelain . ( See Haviland & Co .)
  4. The third creation came in the Peerage of England in 1703 when second cousin thrice removed of the holder of the 1620 and 1628 creations and was later created Earl of Bristol.
  5. NOTE : James Madison was also second cousin of Kentucky Governor George Madison and U . S . President Zachary Taylor and second cousin thrice removed of Missouri Governor Elliot Woolfolk Major and Missouri legislator Edgar Bailey Woolfolk.


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