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  1. : The party were touring the Cumbrian Mountains and were not far from the head of Lake Windermere.
  2. The Iapetus Ocean was closing, bringing the two-halves of Britain towards each other, and volcanic eruptions created the Cumbrian Mountains and Snowdonia.
  3. There are views towards the Clwydian Range, Snowdonia, and the Isle of Man and the Cumbrian Mountains can be seen on a clear day.
  4. It is however of much greater extent than the actual valley of the river, lying between the Cumbrian Mountains ( more usually referred to as the Lake District ), and the northern part of the Pennine Range.
  5. Woodland stands 1100 feet above sea level and commands outstanding views of the Cumbrian Mountains to the west, the moors of North Yorkshire to the south and, on a clear day, the east coast and North Sea.


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