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  1. Troops called the D ration " Hitler's Secret Weapon " for its effect on soldiers'intestinal tracts.
  2. As a result, the D ration was almost universally detested for its bitter taste by U . S . troops, and was often discarded instead of consumed when issued.
  3. "' Military chocolate "'has been a part of standard United States military ration since the original Ration D or "'D ration "'bar of 1937.
  4. Colonel Logan had specified that the D ration taste only a bit better than " a boiled potato . " This last requirement was imposed to keep soldiers from eating their emergency rations in non-emergency situations.
  5. By early 1943, less than three months after adoption, the Quartermaster Corps'Food Services Branch was already requesting the Army to abolish all non-standard lightweight individual rations except for the K and D rations.


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