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  1. The town maintained a steady stream of visitors, however, due to its position on Three Notch'd Road, which connected Richmond to the east.
  2. She tweeted " The govt should be responsible for housing ppl . If no 1was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody ."
  3. These solo poems Gardner called " Canticles " after a 1889 reference by the poet in the essay " A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads ."
  4. Just west of Rockfish Gap, US 250 has a trumpet interchange with I-64, then curves east to the gap itself on the Augusta & ndash; Crozet as Three Notch'd Road.
  5. A civil engineer of considerable skill, Crozet had identified the eventual route as early as 1839 . Rail service reached Charlottesville by 1851; westward, the railroad closely followed the alignment of the ancient Three Notch'd Road.


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