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  1. Written by Daisuke Tengan, based on Ryu Murakami's story.
  2. Sins of the father figure loom large in Daisuke Tengan's screenplay, which is based on a story by Ryu Murakami.
  3. "Audition " was originally started by the Japanese company Omega Project, who wanted to make a horror film after the great financial success of their previous production " Audition ", and hired screenwriter Daisuke Tengan and director Miike to film an adaptation.
  4. Directed by Takashi Miike; written ( in Japanese, with English subtitles ) by Daisuke Tengan, based on a story by Ryu Murakami; director of photography, Hideo Yamamoto; edited by Yasushi Shimamura; music by Koji Endo; production designer, Tatsuo Ozeki; produced by Akemi Suyama and Satoshi Hukushima.
  5. Directed by Kaizo Hayashi; written ( in Japanese, with English subtitles ) by Hayashi and Daisuke Tengan; director of photography, Yuichi Nagata; edited by Nobuko Tomita; music by the Meina Co .; production designer, Takeo Kimura; produced by Shunsuke Koga, Hayashi and Yu Wei Yen; released by Viz Films / Tidepoint Pictures.


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