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  1. Chunichi starter Daisuke Yamai earned the victory after giving up two runs on seven hits over five-plus innings.
  2. Chunichi starter Daisuke Yamai, pitching in his first Japan Series game, was as impressive as the Chunichi batters.
  3. Chunichi starter Daisuke Yamai picked up the win after holding the BayStars to one run on six hits over 5-1 / 3 innings.
  4. He was often criticized for his decision-making, such as removing starting pitcher Daisuke Yamai to start the ninth inning of game five of the 2007 Japan Series.
  5. Daisuke Yamai tossed pitched a shutout Sunday as the Central League-leading Chunichi Dragons blanked the Hiroshima Carp 2-0 to move a step closer to clinching their first pennant since 1999.


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