daisuke yamashitaの例文


  1. Yokohama has lost six in a row under rookie manager Daisuke Yamashita.
  2. Yokohama, under rookie manager Daisuke Yamashita, lost their ninth straight game and dropped to 4-17.
  3. "We have the ability to close things out this year, " said Yokohama manager Daisuke Yamashita.
  4. Dejected over a recent string of blown save opportunities, Sasaki offered to quit baseball in a meeting with Yokohama manager Daisuke Yamashita and club president Susumu Minegishi on Sunday.
  5. In Yokohama, Tyrone Woods belted a solo homer in the eighth inning and Yuji Yoshimi gave up two runs on four hits over seven innings as the Yokohama BayStars defeated the Hanshin Tigers 4-2 to give new Daisuke Yamashita a win in his managerial debut.


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