daisuki da yoの例文


  1. An animated version of Daisuki da yo features Ai's bunny characters, LOVE and LOVE's male counterpart.
  2. First pressings of the CD only combination included a limited edition picture book illustrated by Otsuka while the CD + DVD combination included a DVD containing the " Daisuki da yo"
  3. The CD + DVD edition ( with a different cover ) came with a DVD containing the animated version of Daisuki da yo's PV, which featured Otsuka's LOVE characters.
  4. The main thing I remember about the song itself was the chorus featured her singing the phrase'Daisuki da yo'with the first word drawn out quite a bit ( as in, " Daiiiiiiiiiiiiiisukiiiiiiiiiiii da yo ", if that helps ).
  5. I'm convinced that the song is called'Daisuki'('Y } YM0 ) or possibly'Daisuki Da Yo'('Y } YM0 ` 0? ) but I downloaded the song of the same name by Otsuka Ai, and it's totally different.


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