damage accumulationの例文


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  1. One hypothesis proposed by Gioacchino Failla in 1958 is that damage accumulation to the DNA causes aging.
  2. Even in those of normal weight, exercise can counter the age-related loss of lean muscle tissue and the deposition of body fat, especially the heart-damaging accumulation of abdominal fat.
  3. Damage accumulation testing, during which significant structural components of the system under study are degraded by subjecting them to realistic loading conditions, can also be used to identify appropriate features.
  4. In valleys east of the crest of the Appalachians, winds from the northeast will continually renew the shallow cold-air mass, heightening the risk of damaging accumulations of ice on trees and power lines.
  5. Winter weather watches are issued when there is a " 50 percent or greater chance of significant and damaging accumulations of ice during freezing rain situations "; these watches are normally issued 12 to 48 hours in advance.


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