davy hillの例文


  1. The dormitories, in Brades, Sweeneys and Davy Hill, cost the government more than Eastern Caribbean dlrs 300, 000 ( dlrs 111, 111 ) a year, Ryan said.
  2. She was working at Carib World Travel in Davy Hill village on Wednesday morning when police say Molyneaux strode in, shot and killed the owner, St . Lucia-born businessman Simeon Sealy, and kidnapped Gray.
  3. Steve Molyneaux is wanted for allegedly shooting and killing St . Lucian-born Simeon Sealy at Sealy's travel business in Davy Hill village, about 5 miles ( 8 kilometers ) from Olveston, Police Commissioner John Douglas said.
  4. "' Davy Hill "'is a settlement in the north of the Caribbean island of Montserrat, located close to the west coast near the narrowest point of the island on a saddle between the main bulk of the island's Centre Hills, and the peak of St John's, which lies two kilometres to the southeast.


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