davy jones lockerの例文


  1. In 2001, " Davy Jones Locker " was resequenced, remastered, and re-released on March Records.
  2. In 1999, after three years of downtime, the band recorded and self-released " Davy Jones Locker ".
  3. Before their demolition in 1983, these buildings served as homes to a boat yard, the base for a motorboat club and also the infamous'Davy Jones Locker'club.
  4. Unknown to Will, Elizabeth's lingering anguish over causing Jack's demise torments her, and during the voyage to World's End and Davy Jones Locker, she distances herself from Will.
  5. In 1967, after performing regularly at Davy Jones Locker, and later in hotel super clubs at St . Petersburg Beach like the Desert Ranch and Dolphin Beach resorts, Dee started his own up-scale supper club, named Lenny Dee's Dolphin Den.


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