davyd sviatoslavichの例文


  1. In response to that Monomakh with his sons, Davyd Sviatoslavich, and sons of Oleg Sviatoslavich assaulted Minsk.
  2. Two years later Sviatopolk II of Kiev, Vladimir Monomach and Davyd Sviatoslavich invaded the Cuman steppes and routed a large Cuman army, killing 20 Cuman chieftains.
  3. His original name was Sviatoslav and he was a son of Davyd Sviatoslavich and a grandson of the Grand Prince of Kiev Sviatoslav II . It is alleged that he owned a land at neighbouring Borshchahivka village.
  4. The " Russian Primary Chronicle " recorded that five Rus'princesSviatopolk II of Kiev, Vladimir Monomach, Davyd Sviatoslavich, Oleg Sviatoslavich and Yaroslav Sviatoslavichassembled on the left bank of the Dnieper near Kiev in 1101.


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