davydov splittingの例文


  1. Such multiplets were discovered by Antonina Prikhot'ko and their genesis was proposed by Alexander Davydov . It is known as'Davydov splitting '.
  2. This splitting of strongly polarized absorption bands that originated from the same molecular level and is known as the'Davydov splitting'is the primary manifestation of molecular excitons.
  3. In 1948, he predicted the phenomenon that is known as " Davydov splitting " or " factor-group splitting ", " the splitting of bands in the electronic or vibrational spectra of crystals due to the presence of more than one ( interacting ) equivalent molecular entity in the unit cell . " In the period 1958-1960 he developed the theory of collective excited states in spherical and non-spherical nuclei, known as Davydov-Filippov Model and Davydov-Chaban Model.


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