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  1. The cavalry corps included Sergei Nicholaevich Lanskoi's 2nd Hussar Division and Semyon Davydovich Pandschulishev's 3rd Dragoon Division.
  2. Nina Davydovich of the Druzhba organization was freed two days earlier in a raid by Federal Security Service officers, the Interfax news agency reported.
  3. "' Leonid Davydovich Lukov "'(, 2 May 1909 & ndash; 24 April 1963 ) was a Soviet film director and screenwriter.
  4. Nina Davydovich, a resident of St . Petersburg who ran the Druzhba charity group based in Ingushetia, has been kidnapped in Chechnya by unidentified gunmen, Interfax cited pro-Moscow Chechen police as saying.
  5. Davydovich told a news conference in the town of Pyatigorsk, in the Stavropol region northwest of Chechnya, that she had been kept in a pit, chained by the leg and fed only once a day.


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