defensive aircraftの例文


  1. One of the BAR's most unusual uses was as a defensive aircraft weapon.
  2. Not wanting to burden her, the teenager takes a job at a defensive aircraft factory and moves to a hostel.
  3. The Kitty Hawk left its base in Japan with an estimated 15 defensive aircraft, far short of its usual 75-plane air wing.
  4. The humanitarian airlift was undertaken almost exclusively by civilian cargo aircraft and without any escorting military or defensive aircraft . Flights were also made from Libreville, Gabon by the French who were supplying both relief aid and military supplies.
  5. Not until very late in the war did Germany share its aircraft and alternative fuel blueprints and technology with its ally Japan, resulting in the Nakajima Kikka jet fighter and the Mitsubishi Shusui rocket fighter, respectively based on the Me 262A and Me 163B  both of which, similarly, came far too late for Japan to improve its defensive aircraft systems, or to make alternative fuels and lubricants.


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