defensive reflexの例文


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  1. Electrical synapses are often found in neural systems that require the fastest possible response, such as defensive reflexes.
  2. During that period he studied defensive reflexes in dogs by the method of V . M . Bechterev ( 1857 1928 ).
  3. It is a new sort of declaration of a new sort of war, requiring a new set of defensive reflexes, tactics and strategies . . ..
  4. Nevertheless, certain larger species may be more aggressive and should be approached with caution, as the stingray's defensive reflex ( use of its poisoned stinger ) may result in serious injury or death.
  5. Abdullah warned that such a crisis in countries " still feeling their way around in a world of fierce global competition " might trigger a " defensive reflex on the part of the affected countries " and lead to new controls on the flows of capital.


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