1. When Albert, Prince Consort was in Bruges in 1839, Delepierre was his guide.
  2. A collector of books and works of art, Delepierre's reputation as a local antiquary attracted visitors from abroad.
  3. Delepierre was a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and a member of other English, Belgian, and French societies.
  4. Delepierre died 18 August 1879, aged 77, at the house of his son-in-law, Nicholas Tr黚ner, 29 Upper Hamilton Terrace, London, and was buried in Highgate cemetery on 22 August.
  5. When the Duc d'Aumale, Van de Weyer, Richard Monckton Milnes, and others founded the Philobiblon Society in 1853 ( then limited to 36 members ), Delepierre was appointed one of the honorary secretaries.


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