deletion loopの例文


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  1. This dimer repairs longer insertion / deletion loops than MutS?.
  2. MSH3 typically forms the heterodimer MutS? with MSH2 in order to correct long insertion / deletion loops and base-base mispairs in microsatellites during DNA synthesis.
  3. MutS? can compensate somewhat for loss of base-base mispair correction functions, but is not suited for repairing many short, 1-2 base pair insertion / deletion loops.
  4. While both proteins have redundant function in base-base repairs, MutS? typically effects base-base mispair repairs and also performs repairs on the more common short inertion / deletion loops.
  5. Mutations causing MSH3 knockdown can lead to diminished capacity for cells to repair long insertion / deletion loops causing microsatellite instabilities ( MSI ) in the genome and allowing an increase in the rates of somatic mutation.


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