deletion mutantの例文


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  1. ATH1 deletion mutant of the yeast could not grow in the medium with trehalose as the carbon source.
  2. Using Kyte-Doolittle analysis, the topology is supported by transfection experiments in cultured cells using deletion mutants of CD36.
  3. Targeting of centrin, ninein was also dramatically reduced after PCM1 depletion using siRNA, overexpression of PCM1 deletion mutants and PCM1 antibody microinjection.
  4. Deletion mutants of alpha-glucuronidase from " Bacillus stearothermophilus " have indicated that the central region is responsible for the catalytic activity.
  5. PTEN's strong link to cell growth inhibition is being studied as a possible deletion mutants have recently been shown to allow nerve regeneration in mice.


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