demise premisesの例文


  1. So, in the aforesaid judgments rendered by this Court and the Honourable Apex Court it has been categorically mentioned that the rent means any sum of money as agreed as rent and other amenities payable for the occupation of the tenant in the demised premises . " " "'
  2. The words on which the plaintiffs rely are those at the beginning of clause 2 ( 9 ), " to use the demised premises as and for showrooms workrooms and offices only, " and it is argued that the plain meaning of these words is that no other use is to be made of the premises.
  3. He likened this to a lease of premises in which there is no implied covenant by the landlord to keep the demised premises in repair : or to the lease of a party wall in which there is no implied covenant to keep the party wall in repair : see " Colebeck v Girdlers Co " ( 1876 ) 1 QBD 234.


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