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  1. Some late-production experimental Destroyer Carbines were produced in other calibers such as . 38 Auto or 9 mm Para and are even more highly sought after.
  2. The El Tigre was replaced in service starting in the 1940s by bolt action carbines such as the Destroyer carbine and Submachine guns which were chambered for the Western history and arms collecting.
  3. The "'Destroyer Carbine "'is a small bolt action carbine usually chambered for the Guardia Civil from the mid-1930s until the late 1960s, replacing the El Tigre Rifle.
  4. While all rimless 9 mm caliber pistol cartridges will chamber in a Destroyer Carbine, and consequently will fire, it is extremely unsafe to use ammunition other than 9 x 23 mm Largo due to the dangers of excessive pressure.
  5. While no longer in government service, the Destroyer Carbine is prized as a collectors item due to its comparative rarity, as well as being a desirable target rifle due to favorable shooting characteristics such as minimal recoil and relatively inexpensive ammunition.


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