destroyer droidsの例文


  1. After a brief but exciting clash with battle and destroyer droids, the Jedi escape to the planet Naboo to warn Queen Amidala ( Natalie Portman ) of an impending invasion by a robot army.
  2. But " Phantom Menace " scores in technical achievement with the digital creation of characters like Jar Jar Binks, a lizard-like giraffe creature with floppy ears; and fanciful equipment and robots, like battle droids, destroyer droids and the mechno-chair that transports Neimoidian rulers.
  3. He was first assigned as an animator on " The Lost World : Jurassic Park ", but was eventually assigned to work on " The Phantom Menace ", and later its sequel, " Star Wars : Episode II  Attack of the Clones ", where he was responsible for the unique movement of the Droideka destroyer droids.


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