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  1. The albums Destroyer of the Void and American Goldwing followed, to similarly high acclaim.
  2. Between the two live records, the only studio albums not represented are " Field Rexx " and " Destroyer of the Void ".
  3. I had already cobbled together a new record during the previous year of touring, " Destroyer of the Void ", a patchwork of songs from my past and present which hung together like a house of cards.
  4. The band headed back to the studio to record 2002's Boom which contains a very early version of the song, " Sadie "; a more polished version of the song would later close Blitzen Trapper's Destroyer of the Void album in 2010.
  5. The recording of the album also came relatively quickly, in the midst of publicity for their previous album : " I wrote " American Goldwing " . . . in a span of six months, recorded most of it, and then we went on tour for " Destroyer of the Void ".


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